About Lena Group

Lena Industrial Group, in order to manage and optimize energy consumption in the electricity and lighting industry, with the aim of attracting foreign investment, transferring world’s technological know-how and technology, as well as preserving national resources and providing post-production energy efficiency solutions, provided lighting equipment licensed by NVC UK and also manufactures and supplies electrical equipment under the license of CANEL Canada.


CANEL Co., is one of the leading engineering companies in the field of designing all kinds of industrial electrical equipment in Canada. The products of the company have been designed and manufactured by the latest technology and standards in the world and all are certified and accredited by laboratories such as SEMKO, KEMA and ...

LENA Industrial Group, as the exclusive representative of the CANEL Company in Iran, has manufactured and supplied all kind of low voltage MCBs designed by CANEL brand in its factory located in Eshtehard Industrial City. The products of factory, in addition to the worldwide accredited certificates such as SEMKO, CE and KEMA, also have important local certificates such as Iran’s national standard mark and Tavanir Company approval.

Also all products have 5 years warranty and that is included:

  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB-AC) from 0.5 A to 125 A variants of 1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N, 4P and three different curves of lighting (B), motorized ( C) and a heavy-duty capacitive motor (D) with breaking capacity of 6 kA to 15 kA
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB-DC) from 1 A to 63 A in 1P and 2P types
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) from 10 A to 2000 A with breaking capacity of 25 kA to 100 kA in fixed and adjustable types
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) for industrial and domestic usage from 16 A to 125A with earth-leakage sensitivity of 10 mA to 300 mA
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker with overcurrent protection (RCBO) from 2 A to 40 A with earth-leakage sensitivity of 10 mA to 300mA
  • Contactor from 9 A to 150 A
  • Thermal Relay from 0.63 A to 150 A
  • Other accessories include auxiliary contacts, warning keys, timers and relays, which can be installed on all of related company’s products



NVC England has seven production sites with over one million two hundred thousand square meters of manufacturing space and 10,000 personnel in the UK and China, It is one of the largest manufacturers of lighting equipment in the world. Three specialist R&D teams in the UK are responsible for designing and manufacturing NVC products. Due to the full compliance of UK NVC products with European and American standards, all of its products are currently being sold in the European, American, Australian and Middle East markets. Also NVC UK in order to reduce energy consumption and optimize the light management along with its unique product designs which minimize light loss, the NVC had bought Dialux software licenses from Germany. The software can provide customized lighting and light management services for different clients.

Due to its high quality products and optimum light management, NVC UK is proud to design and supply all major lighting projects such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Guangzhou Asian Games and the 2010 Shanghai International Exhibition.

NVC products are divided into the six main chapters and then into sixty sub chapters and eventually into more than 10,000 products. All products are manufactured in accordance with the latest technology and standards of the world and certified by the world-renowned laboratories. Some of these standards include UL, CE, GS, IEC and Energy Star badge. Also the labs of this company have validated from international references such as SGS and Dekra (formerly Kema) and all the tests are done on the products approved above. Due to the above, all products of this company have a two to five years warranty that is included:

  • Indoor lighting design includes metal halide lamps, CFL and PL lights, fluorescent lights, fixed or adjustable multiple lights, halogen lights, industrial and commercial lights, wall lights and step lamps.
  • Outdoor lighting design includes street lights, flood lights, park lights, land lights, underwater lights, wall lights, tunnel fluorescent lights, explosion-proof lights, industrial lights, and all kinds of induction lights.
  • LED lights include a variety of home, office and industrial ceiling lights, LED strip lights, projectors, bulbs, LED panels in a variety of sizes, wall lights, landmarks, street and park lights.
  • Lamps include LED, CFL, PL, FPL, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, sodium vapor lamps and metal halide lamps.



FSL Company has five production sites with more than one million and five hundred thousand square meters of production space along with 200 production lines and more than ten thousand personnel in China. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of lighting equipment in the world. The professional R&D team is responsible for designing and developing FSL products. The company has 34 patent certificates and 224 registered product designs. Due to the high quality and compliance of FSL products with the European and American standards, the products are widely sold in the markets of American and European countries. In addition, FSL Company is the official partner of Dialux Germany company and by adding the plug-in of all its products in this software, it provides exclusive and professional lighting and light management services for its customers.

Due to the high quality of products and optimal light management, FSL is proud to design and supply major projects such as Beijing Olympic Games Park, Harbin World Snow and Ice Festival, Guangdong Olympic Sports Center, Beijing TV Center, Wanda Plaza and...

All FSL products are manufactured in accordance with the latest technology and standards of the world and certified by the world-renowned laboratories.

All FSL products have a two-year warranty and they include:

• Indoor LED lights including a variety of home, office and store lights, LED strips and panels

• Outdoor LED lights including street lights, flood and industrial lights.

• Normal and filament LED lamps

Quality Assurance and Laboratory

All incoming goods and all production stages (assembly, calibration, testing, packaging and shipping) will be monitored and controlled by LENA quality assurance team based on ISO9001:2015 instructions. This procedure plays an important role in minimizing scrap that ensures competitive prices and highly consistent production. Aside from the general tests such as electrical, mechanical and thermal tests, the products are examined from other aspects to ensure product quality consistency, electrical and mechanical safety, and durability.

Lena laboratory is well equipped with modern and precise test equipment to run the required tests in accordance with IEC-60898 and ISIRI-2611 norms.

Business Partners

Lena Afratab Company was established in 2013 with the aim of marketing and selling the best lighting products, industrial electricity, as well as providing technical-engineering and design services in these areas as the executive arm and market services of Lena and Afratab Industrial Group.


In addition to providing quality products, Lenafratab's mission is to provide engineering services in the field of lighting, design and implementation of lighting projects, and also to improve the knowledge of lighting engineering by holding familiarization courses with the concepts of lighting and industrial electricity for its interested audiences and loyal customers.

You are welcome to visit our central Showroom in Lanaafratab office.